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Beauty & the Beast

Hermione Granger/Marcus Flint Fans

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This is a community for fans of Marcus Flint/Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. It will contain fanfiction, fan art, icons, discussions, and other various things involving the the characters, ship, and the actors who portay them. Please be aware that it is adult in nature. It may also include other fanon ships within these pairings and could include slash. You may ask yourself who is Marcus Flint? He's a Slytherin, was Captain of the Quidditch team, and a few years ahead of Hermione at Hogwarts. He was mentioned in canon a few times and the authors/readers of this ship have given him life. The relationship between Hermione and Marcus is not at all traditional and many think they have nothing in common. However, fans of the ship believe that their differences provide a balance and that they have potential for a relationship post-Hogwarts. So if you enjoy Hermione/Marcus fics or find yourselves intrigued, join up!

Community Rules

1. You must like Hermione and Marcus as a couple.
2. Flaming will not be tolerated! If you do not like this ship, don't join.
3. All posts most contain one of the above characters or the actors that play them.
4. All fics must be rated appropriately and contain the Marcus/Hermione ship. Threesomes are welcome. All fics must clearly state the rating in the header. Again, flames will not be tolerated! There will be Ficathons and Drabble Challenges so we encourage participation.
5. All large photos must be put beneath a LJ Cut. Any fic over 100 words must be put under an LJ Cut.
6. By joining this community, you acknowledge that you are aware that NC-17/adult content might be posted here. If you are a minor or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your area, please refrain from clicking on any links to adult content. Marcus_Hermione and its maintainers are not responsible for minors viewing such material.
7. Discussion about Hermione and Marcus is encouraged. Their relationship, their characters, canon, fanon, and every other topic you can think of involving one of our favorite couples is open to discussion.

Please post with the following format:

Warning if applicable
Author's Notes

if posting art, please use this format:

Artist's name
Warning if applicable
Author's Notes

These rules are subject to be changed at any moment. Thanks!

Maintainer: inell